About us

The founder of our company has been in the IT consulting field since 1992. Through his knowledge and past experiences, every process has been refined and honed to put the customer first and offer them the utmost in reliability. We strive to make complex technology easy to understand and often demo the working solution prior to acceptance.

Technology has been an up and down industry in the past and many people have reaped some major rewards for not doing much work. We want to make sure the customer is comfortable with the new technology and educate them on it so the chances of them being taken advantage of is less and less every day.

Based on our experiences as individuals in the technology field, we feel, and our customers agree, that we have put the HONOR, STRENGTH and INTEGRITY back into the business model. It is no longer necessary for businesses to be at the mercy of technology providers who, for too long, have abused their positions and customers simply because they could. Here at Secured Virtual IT, we embrace an entirely different approach to the technological needs of our customers. We act as a technology advocate for your organization using our skills and knowledge to find and implement the most sensible solution for your unique situation. Secondly, we foster an information sharing approach that allows us to constantly research the latest technology to develop better solutions to meet your needs.

Secured Virtual IT's business philosophy was formulated on the principle that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and receive value for their time and money. The core values our company was founded upon are;


Allegiance to high moral & ethical principles.


We use the strength of our knowledge base to deliver excellent technical expertise.


We treat our customers with honesty and fairness. Secured Virtual IT has developed a business model that offers its clients an unparalleled level of Customer Service. Secured Virtual IT approaches your technology issues in the following manner;


As your technology advocate, Secured Virtual IT takes the time to learn about your company’s IT objectives. Then, using the information obtained, we provide a proposal that helps you meet those objectives.


We insure our proposed solution will provide you, the customer, with an acceptable return on their investment


At Secured Virtual IT, our goal is simple - by making customer service our #1 priority; we will establish ourselves as the premier provider for business technology solutions in the Metro-Detroit area.