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Our goal is to provide your company with high level technology solutions that will allow your profits to grow for a finite cost that can be recuperated through standard ROI measures. Our technicians have the proficiencies necessary to complete the job in the time negotiated and therefore projects are completed on time yet another finite attribute of our company.

When many other companies will leave you paying more for a project Than you were initially quoted, we do not believe this is fair to the customer. Solutions should be installed and implemented at the anticipated cost. That is where our finite cost estimation system is employed, therefore you will only pay as much as you agreed when accepting our estimate. We are able to provide this type of service since we have the experience necessary to know exactly how long a job will take. We also have the knowledge to know exactly which items are necessary to provide the solution. We are so confident in our assessments that we guarantee them.


We offer a wide range of services, ranging from desktop maintenance, server administration, and CCTV/DVR Security Solutions, to the implementation of Citrix Solutions.


Here at Secured Virtual IT our customers are our top priority. Our unmatched customer service allows us to transcend the competition. Click here to see what our ardent customers are saying about Secured Virtual IT.

Whats New

We are proud to release our new website, allowing our customers to get a better feel for what we do, as well as the services and technology we offer.