About us

Complete Managed Services

Secured Virtual IT can provide a wide array of 24 x 7 managed services for a set monthly fee. This type of service will guarantee uptime and your company will never lose valuable employee time and money that results from computer systems being down. We will installed management agents on each network component which will report back to our centralized data center. Whenever an alert is generated we are notified and take action immediately. In addition we will provide detailed reports that will show you exactly what is going on with your computers, servers, and network.

Voice over IP Solutions

Secured Virtual IT can show you how you can use your existing Internet connection to eliminate the large phone bill you are currently paying. Utilizing existing internet connections for the purpose of voice communication can result in significant savings for your company. Call Secured Virtual IT for a free demonstration.

Advanced Voice over IP Phone Systems

Let Secured Virtual IT analyze your existing voice and telecommunications equipment and infrastructure and likely save you lots of money. There are many new phone systems on the market and they are absolutely amazing both in features offered and cost reduction.

Voice/Data Cabling

Are you moving or expanding your voice or data systems? We can make sure your phone/network room is neatly cabled and labeled so it is easy to see how everything is communicating. Our technicians will install racks, enclosures and patch panels allowing a once very disorganized area to become a room you want every visitor to see. We can install, upgrade or move any type of voice/data network so it is optimized, efficient and easier to understand.

Complete Desktop Maintenance

Whether your CPU’s are locked up, hard drive has crashed or your desktop needs updating, Secured Virtual IT's team of skilled staff is well versed at handling the many problems end-users encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Network Faxing, Copying, Printing, and Scanning

Save time & money let the staff at Secured Virtual IT show you how you can Fax, Copy, Print and Scan right from your desktop.

Electronic Document Conversion Services

Secured Virtual IT can convert your existing documents using latest scanning technology. After conversion, your documents can be made available in a variety of Media/formats including CD-ROM, Floppy Drive, PDF, TIF or DVD formats.

Server Administration

From Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 to the latest version of Windows 2012 R2 Server. Let Secured Virtual IT help you take control of your network. Our certified technicians can assist in setting up accounts, configuring E-mail accounts, controlling access, migrating and backing up data

Online Backup

Do you hate changing those tapes or USB backup drives? Let Secured Virtual IT manage your entire backup process and you won’t have to do it any longer. We will setup your environment to back up to our data center in Royal Oak so your data is safe in the event of any disaster. We monitor your backups 24x7 and will resolve any issues that arise to ensure if a restore is needed the last backup won’t be from last year.

Citrix Solutions / Terminal Services

Thin-Client solutions such as Citrix Technology can save your company thousands of dollars a year. Citrix allows the end-user the ability to access programs through any type of internet connection, (Dial-up, DSL, or Cable modem) anywhere, anytime using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape in a real-time setting. Citrix, using a Win Terminal, eliminates the need for your IT staff to constantly upgrade your CPU's. Additionally, centralizing all programs makes deployment and program updates a breeze. Whether your network consists of 5 workstations or 5,000, Citrix Solutions make sense!

Remote Access / VPN Solutions

VPN (Virtual Private Network) increases business productivity by providing companies of all sizes with cost-effective, reliable and secure remote access to network resources for their branch offices, telecommuters, mobile users, and partners.

Internet / Information Security Solutions

Firewall protection is the perfect and necessary complement to always-on Internet connections and geographically distributed networks. Most Internet Security devices are commonly referred to as Firewalls. They provide the first line of defense against Internet Security threats to your business. Many of the new firewall appliances will function as SPAM, anti-virus and spyware filters so that it never is allowed into your network thereby stopping at the outer most boundary. Let Secured Virtual IT show you cost effective methods to help thwart hackers and protect your network against virus contamination.

CCTV/DVR Security Solutions

There are so many technical issues related to closed circuit television and digital video recorders that it makes it very difficult to choose which one is the right solution for your business. Many contractors in this field were forced into the new technology and may not have a firm grasp on how the components communicate (especially with the new IP cameras on the market) and therefore will sell you a very inadequate system just to keep the price down and get the deal. We here at Secured Virtual IT have done the necessary research and testing to find out which solutions work and provide the reliability and quality necessary in a video surveillance system. If you are looking for a new system, upgrade, or are unhappy with your existing system we will perform a free assessment and provide you with the options and the explanations to help you make the right decision.

Document Management Storage/Retrieval Systems

Secured Virtual IT can design a customized document management solution to scan, index and archive from One Thousand to Ten Million documents or images. The finished process allows the end-user to the ability to access archived data in seconds as opposed to manually removing it from a file cabinet bank. This solution can be accomplished either on-site at your location, or at one of our remote locations.