Transforming IT into a Service


Information Technology (IT) is being redefined as a service. This requires, among other things, a more flexible, virtualized infrastructure in which virtual storage complements virtual servers to liberate information from its physical systems. It is well established that virtual servers bring agility, efficiency and numerous other benefits. EMC’s virtual storage strategy and initial execution (VPLEX) extends many of the server/processing benefits to storage.

Improving IT Management with Multi-Port NICs and a Virtual Infrastructure


Every enterprise can benefi t from the improved use of information technology (IT) resources. Improved use not only helps reduce costs but also can simplify IT infrastructure, leading to improved operations. A virtual computing infrastructure allows IT staff to increase utilization, reduce cost, heighten availability of mission-critical applications and respond quickly to business needs. However, to take greatest advantage of the benefi ts of virtualization, IT organizations need an infrastructure element to improve reliability and performance: multi-port network interface cards (NICs).